Monday, November 24, 2008

Posh Spices

This was a snack break I recently had for a meeting at the office. I met with the caterer beforehand and said that I wanted something new and creative that satisfied both the salty and sweet cravings. We came up with this popcorn idea and here is how we pulled it off. The caterer popped fresh buttered popcorn and put them in these long popcorn bags. I think the packaging of the popcorn is what is so cute on the table. It's colorful and whimsical. Along with the fresh popped popcorn we offered three different dry seasonings that guests could sprinkle on top.

The seasonings were packaged in mason jars and labeled. Guests served themselves with as much or as little as they wanted.

The caterer made each spice blend custom and from scratch the morning of my event.

I asked for the ingredient list but was told the recipes were "secret."

At the end of the event, you better believe that I snatched up what was left from the mason jars.

Lucky for me I ended up with a full zip top bag of each flavor. I sealed these tightly and put in my freezer.
This Spicy Southwest blend is going to be my most versatile spice blend. I'm thinking that this would be good on everything, right? I could use this in place of the Saltgrass 7 Seasoning blend that I put on fish, chicken and beef.

How about this Ranch seasoning on chicken or stirred into mashed potatoes? Even fried potatoes, just sprinkle on top of french fries to add a different flavor. Mix with mayo or sour cream for a dip maybe.

I think the sugar and spice blend would be great for caramalizing meats like pulled pork or pork ribs, brisket even.
What would you do with these seasonings? I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. Paula Deen's Holiday Magazine has a bunch of popcorn seasoning recipes in it :)

  2. OH! Thanks Amy, I will have to check that out!

  3. Wow can I work at your office? Wish we had snack breaks like that. Our snack breaks usually consist of stale crackers or some other unrecognizable concoction from the vending machine. Yuck.


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