Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100th Post Winner Announced

Good Morning!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving me a comment yesterday on my 100th post. I used the Random Integer Generator and now have a winner for my first ever (but not last) giveaway. Congratulations to Bridget with Bake at 350, you are the lucky winner of two adorable damask martini glasses. You must promise to me invite a girlfriend over and serve Cosmo’s while you laugh insanely and eat chocolate.

I am in Amarillo today and at a hotel with very limited internet access. Don’t worry, when I arrive in Abilene later tonight I plan on logging in and uploading a very exciting cookie recipe. I asked Jim what his favorite cookie was and he answered with “Milano... the Pepperidge Farm Cookie!”

Why couldn’t it have been something normal like chocolate chip or sugar cookies? Well I love my boyfriend so much, I researched the Milano cookie and finally found a copy cat recipe. These are also a favorite of my dad so I tested this recipe for my two favorite men. By the end of the day I will post the step by step pictures with ingredients and instructions. If you like Milano Cookies, you will really love this…they taste just like the store-bought cookie!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Lucky me! :) If my husband wasn't sleeping in the same room as the computer, I'd do a cheer! Woo-hoo!!! Thanks, Mandy!

    And, yes...I promise about the cosmos and chocolate! :)

  2. Congrats Bridget! Those glasses are freaking adorable! I have them and the matching shaker on my Christmas wish list (hint hint husband!)


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