Saturday, November 8, 2008

No recipe zone...

I hesitate to say where I am as I write this; you are going to be SO jealous. Oh, I can’t help myself. I’m in San Antonio, TX tonight – for work. I checked into my hotel on the famous San Antonio Rivewalk around 4 PM and fell in love with the newly renovated rooms that are MASSIVE. For those from New York, this room is the equivalent to three hotel rooms in the city. I have nowhere to be this Friday evening, but the thought of being downtown on the Riverwalk in this gorgeous weather is very tempting. You could get away with short sleeves or a light cardigan, its warm with a brisk breeze. I know a few people in this city, but I must confess that there isn’t much that could top what I am doing right now.

I’m logged in to free wireless internet and sitting on my very large patio with my feet up, watching the sun go down over the tall downtown buildings. I’m on the 23rd floor, but I can hear a rock band on the street level play one of my favorite songs, Brown Eyed Girl. The sky is blood orange at the horizon and fades into a pale green, then blue, then purple and finally into a deep plum. My mother would call this God’s Paintbrush. The best part is that I packed a nice bottle of wine from my credenza to bring with me this evening. I’m sipping on Pine Ridge Howell Mountain 05 Cabernet. It’s so yummy on its own, strong flavors but soft in a smoky way. It smells of berries, but is moderately tannic with a pronounced finish of cherry and vanilla.

Because I hold meetings at this hotel they have sent me a lovely cheese plate with crackers and mixed nuts. I wish I knew what the brie was; it is soft and creamy but is layered with walnuts and a maple flavored layer. They also sent me a bottle of crisp white wine that I will take home and serve at my next party. I’ve been catching up on writing people back that leave comments on my page. I’ve also been catching up on reading some of my favorite foodie blogs…and I’m simply enjoying the white noise of traffic below me and the wafts of live music licking my balcony. This is it folks, this is pure bliss. The only thing that could make this better is if Jim could have joined me on this trip. That boy makes me laugh so hard I pee a little sometimes. He just makes everything better.

So here I am drinking a cab on the balcony and as the sun goes down it gets a little chilly. The band is now playing Sweet Home Alabama and I’m just loose enough to get up and dance by myself on this patio. Remember that saying, dance like no one is watching? Ahh, I love this.

I hope you are not disappointed, I’m not posting a recipe today because this has been a REALLY long two days and I have another big day tomorrow. Stay tuned, I have buttermilk fried chicken coming next.

And that beside the chicken is Roasted Red Pepper and Black Olive Risotto, I will share that recipe with you also. It is Mmm.... Mmmm... MMm.... MMM.. GOOD!

I've added a poll to the right column of my web page. I'm curious to know what YOUR favorite Thanksgiving Day food is. Please vote, we have three weeks to Thanksgiving!


  1. I am soooo jealous! It looks beautiful....I have always wanted to go to San Antonio. Can't wait for the chicken recipe...enjoy your stay and we'll see you!

  2. We love San Antonio. My husband and I went there to see Phantom of The Opera just before we were married. We also spent a few days there while on our honeymoon. It was a wonderful time. We're planning on a return trip soon and taking our daughter to Sea World. Enjoy that scenery while you can!

    I can't wait for the chicken recipie. That looks heavenly.

  3. Great post!! I so wish I was there! Can't wait to see the risotto recipe!


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