Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biscuits and Gravy

When there is time on the weekend to fix a hearty breakfast, I really enjoy waking up and making something really yummy. Biscuits and Gravy are one of Jim's favorite cowboy breakfasts and being from the south, I hope to one day perfect a 100% homemade version. The absolute truth is that gravy has always been a challenge for me. It probably is just a mental block, but I literally get nervous hands and doubt myself when I start to make this. Maybe its because my mom makes the best homemade gravy I've ever had and I worry I won't be able to make gravy as good as she does.

I've never attempted homemade biscuits, but I'm not intimidated by it. It's the GRAVY I tell you, that stumps me. So for this particular breakfast, I used canned biscuits and concentrated on making the best homemade gravy I could possibly create.

I began by using Jimmy Dean's HOT breakfast sausage and put patties on a hot skillet to brown until done.

To prepare for the gravy I mashed up salt and black pepper (lots of it) so when I needed it I could grab and throw a dash in at a time until I get the seasoning right.
I pulled all the ingredients out in front of me (Milk, flour, salt, pepper) and then gave myself a good talking to. "Mandy, you can do's only gravy...and if it turns out awful, we have enough milk and flour to start over again."

Using the grease left in my skillet (about 2 T) I turned the stove to medium low and sprinkled a tablespoon at a time of the flour over the hot grease. I have a flat wisk that I used to move the flour around and realized I needed about two tablespoons of flour for my two tablespoons of grease. This is the hard part for long do you let the flour brown? While I consistantly whisked the flour and grease together it started to crumble and then turn a dark brown. You don't want it to burn though. When you think it's about right (and this is the part that you only know from experience) you pour in a cup of milk and whisk whisk whisk. If it's too thick you add more milk. I added two and a half cups of milk. Don't stop whisking, add pinches of your salt and pepper until you get the right flavor. I probably used an entire tablespoon of salt and pepper. All of this probably took me five minutes to do. Then turn your heat down and let it barely simmer, stirring occasionally for 10-20 minutes. Taste taste taste as you go.

I baked the biscuits according to the package directions and then split them open on a plate.
Top with some sausage patties.
Then finally smoother with your amazing homemade gravy!
This was SO (unhealthy) GREAT!

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