Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jim Cooks

My very very very sweet boyfriend Jim offered to prepare dinner and how could I say no? I asked him what the heck he was going to cook? And then clarified that Hamburger Helper doesn't count as "cooking."

He decided to grill BBQ chicken, using a Jack Daniels BBQ sauce that was full of honey and spice. A really yummy sauce that was delish on juicy chicken.

The pasta was from a box however - but I'm not going to hold that against him. You can't help but love shells and cheese, really. Mac and cheese always reminds me of Friday night growing up. We probably ate mac and cheese along with fish sticks on a weekly basis.

Look, Jim even made a vegetable! And it wasn't from a can! He steamed fresh broccoli florets until tender and served that up with the BBQ chicken and creamy shells and cheese.

I'm very proud of him. This was a wonderfully balanced dinner that tasted as good as it looks. Way to go JIM!!!

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  1. He sounds like a keeper, Mandy :) Lovely meal.


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