Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vegas: Part II

I was in Vegas to attend a conference for event planners, so you have to realize that the food and beverages, d├ęcor, audio visual, entertainment was ALL over the top. This is me with the rat pack and elvis.

The opening ceremony was at Ceasar's Palace and featured several large ice sculpture bars serving sashimi, sushi rolls, crab claws, oysters and shrimp. This is chilled cream corn soup that was butler passed. I loved the decorative toothpick in each cup, and the tray holding these was about an inch thick and filled with corn. Very creative.

I saw a lot of these little dessert shooters in Vegas. Maybe it's a trend. They were almost too pretty to eat. I don't think I had any of these, so I can't tell you what they are.
Around the ballroom there were 6 to 8 LARGE silk screens hanging from the wall. The images were coordinated with the music playing. In front of these large floor to cieling screens were these ... white hoop people ... not sure what to call them. They moved slowly, held funky poses and really BLENDED in. Odd, yes. But very very very interesting to watch.In this picture below you can see two of the floor to cieling screens, now showing a black and white image.This is part of the ice bar. On one end they simply had hollow ice towers filled with fresh fruit. It was a spectacular effect with the white lights below.
Jim and I had a great time in Vegas. It was his first time to Sin City - wow, what a first trip!

Nothing was done the "standard" way. Normally at a food function with a buffet, food sits on skirted tables. Not here. There was special scaffold where sheets of glass were suspended from metal rigging. The bottom tier of this food display held glass cups of greens with assorted dressings to choose from.

This ribbon dancer stood along the hallway leading from the main ballroom to the dessert room. Yes, an entirely different room and theme for dessert. Vegas is a magical place.

As soon as you walked into the dessert room you could smell the chocolate souffle. You can see in the picture here that the chefs are cooking desserts right there behind the buffet. The display of food was just as pretty as the food itself. I was in awe of this huge candelabra suspended (low) above one of the dessert bars.

This is the centerpiece in the dessert room. They actually built a stage in middle, made it a hollow square, so you step up and can walk around the square, and step down into the center. Does that even make sense?
Pretty bite-size fruit tarts.

That was just day one!

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