Sunday, June 21, 2009

Herbed Pork Roast in Wine

I'm stuck in a pork phase. I can't help but love pulled pork, bbq pork, pork roast, pork loin, pork shank. This dinner was prepared some time ago (February?) and has been waiting in my "to post" folder. Unfortunately I don't know where this recipe came from, but as I look back through the pictures, I think it may have been made up.

If you are a regular reader then you have seen my other pork posts. You should know that Boston Butt is Pork Shoulder is Pork Butt is Boston Blade Roast and could even be called Pernil.

I used a Napa Valley Meritage Herb Rub that is loaded with lavender and rosemary.

Because I'm going to sear the pork before roasting, I gave it a nice coating with flour.

Heated a little olive oil in my dutch oven and seared the pork on all sides.

This seals in flavor, juices and also gives the meat a nice crust.

Next, I peeled some potatoes and stuffed them in around the pork.

Then I coarsely chopped some carrots and celery and pushed those down around the pork and in between the potatoes.

Of course I will add a full tablespoon of minced garlic to the pot.

This looks like I added fresh tarragon to the dutch oven.

Sliced onions are added along with a couple good shakes of the Worcestershire sauce.

Next, I poured in my braising liquid - a half bottle of Howell Mountain Cab.

Lastly I added more flavor by sprinkling about a tablespoon of the Meritage seasoning. It looks like there are caraway seeds, thyme, fennel seeds, lavender and rosemary.

Into the oven it goes at 300 degrees for several hours. A good rule of thumb is an hour for every pound of meat.

The onions are nicely caramelized and the meat perfectly fork tender. I enjoyed the wine flavor with the pork and onions, however Jim and I did not care for the way the wine flavored the carrots and potatoes.

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  1. Looks absolutely fantastically delicious!! I can't wait for cold weather to hit so I can make some braised dishes and roasts. Great pictures and recipe!


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