Tuesday, June 2, 2009

100 Years of Brewing Shiner Beer

I couldn't resist buying this "Family Reunion" pack of Shiner beer at the grocery store. It's a brilliant idea and this gave me a chance to try all their other brews. Jim was especially excited to see the variety six pack.

One Saturday we decided we were going to do a taste test of all six.

We split the fist bottle of Shiner Light. It was good and we both liked it as a "light" beer and noted it had more body and heft than other light beers we have had.

Mmm... Shiner Blonde, a golden lager with a distinct flavor. I must quote the web site here: "Although our Blonde owes its heritage to the German homeland, it represents the best of a true American lager. That's our Shiner Blonde – red, white and brewed." Ha, I love the red, white and brewed line.

This I knew I would love. I generally like Hefeweizen's, pronounced "Hef-ay-vite-zen" or "Heff" as I lovingly refer to it. It's so well rounded with honey, clover and orange and super refreshing on a hot summer day. This is a seasonal beer, so drink it while you see it on the shelf.

And the classic - Shiner Bock! No aftertaste, a totally smooth deep amber beer.

Oh, the other two? Yes, we did pick up the six pack... but after these four beers I stopped taking pictures for some reason. lol. We were having so much fun I got carried away with the tasting. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with the Bohemian Black Beer with it's dark and complex flavors it was still really easy to drink. The Shiner Kosmos was one that I didn't like as much, but Jim liked it so he finished mine.

They have the cutest web site also, check it out: http://www.shiner.com/main.php


  1. Awesome!! We must plan a trip out to the brewery sometime this summer or fall!! Or we could do Real Ale too!

  2. I was just going to write that you should make a trip to the brewery. :) Really fun! I love that Shiner Blonde!

  3. You know I have never liked beer. Now give me a Mai Tai or Kamakze or Tequila shot, yes please. I am still working on the Mai Tai Monday party decorations and such, nothing too much, just to make it fun.
    Anyway, I made your lemon pasta last night. Loved it and the little pieces of garlic. I reheated some today with added heavy cream and it was great. I think prawns would be very good in this. Oooh, or maybe some lobster added at the end. Mmmm
    Thanks for the dinner.

  4. I have a blog award for you. Please come by my blog and pick it up! Love ya!

  5. Which one was your personal favorite of the 6?

  6. Mandy...have you seen Shiner Smokehouse? Just picked some up last night at the HEB. On the package it says, "Perfect for grillin' and chillin'" :)


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