Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's In My Fridge?

Wanna get personal? I love how at the end of each Rachael Ray mag she lets us look into a celebrity fridge. What do those people eat, really? Don’t you wonder if some of those photo shoots are staged?

This is real. The ugly truth. This is my fridge!

I always have a big jar of minced garlic in the fridge, I add it to everything! There are some healthy choices here, may I point out the fresh blueberries, grapes and yogurt? We eat lots of yogurt and granola.

For breakfast I mostly drink the HEB brand Double Chocolate pop top shake. I think they taste like chocolate milk, and they have around 10 grams of protein in each can…plus they are very very easy to grab and go, and I drink my breakfast on the way to the office.

We have a few staples here like the brita water filter that Jim gave me, I think I drink more water because it’s in there. The tub of dog food in the bottom left, always there. And at least one can of crescent rolls (those are so versatile.)

We got leftovers galore too. Chicken and rice, some tomatillo salsa, french toast casserole, rosemary and garlic new potatoes.

Does this feel like you are peering into my medicine cabinet? You know you’ve done that when at a friend’s house.

This is a great shot of my drawers. Bottom left is full of veggies, bottom right is ALL CHEESE (ha) and the small one is the meat drawer. We have bacon, sliced deli meat and sausage in there – almost all the time.

The door is full of condiments. All the regulars like ketchup, mayo, light soy sauce, ranch dressing, Italian dressing and mustard. I also have kalamata olives, pickeled jalapenos, A-1, basil in a squeeze tube, lemon and lime juice (from a bottle, yes), spray butter, hot sauce, spicy jerk seasoning and some other odd flavored marinades.
I wish I had a bigger freezer, but I’m working with the small space I have here. Homemade ice cream, store bought ice cream, a pound of frozen turkey meat, frozen homemade soups, frozen homemade chicken stock, puff pastry (extremely versatile), bagels, frozen veggies and odd things like Flax Seed, which I put in smoothies.
Yes, that is one large bottle of Jagermeister you are looking at. Frozen hash browns, frozen berries, quick sides (I love the broccoli and cheese stuff) and quick meals like frozen fish fillets.

So there you go… I feel so naked and exposed!!


  1. I think you look well stocked and organized. I don't think I could be so brave as to show my fridge, alhtough I did just clean out the veggie drawers!

  2. I always get a kick out of that segment in the RR mag! Very funny that you reinvented it on your blog - I love it!

    A picture of my fridge would be pretty uneventful. I shop on a whim since I live steps from the grocery store so I'm barely ever well-stocked. My husband would be jealous of your well-stocked fridge!

  3. ha ha quite a full fridge. Alot of nice things to cook :-)


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