Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Leaf Tea

I moved to Austin in 2001 and sometime after that I was introduced to Sweet Leaf Iced Teas. This home grown tea company from Austin, Texas stole my tastebuds. I’ve never been a tea drinker, but their Mint and Honey flavor of green tea goodness can’t be resisted. Using all organic ingredients, they combine filtered water, pure cane sugar, green tea and spearmint extract to make my beloved brew.

I wanted to know what others thought of my favorite tea maker and found this hysterical quote from yelp.

“Let me tell you something...If you don't like Sweet Leaf Tea, you're probably dead, and if you're dead, I'd get that checked out, because that'll ruin your day, or even your week if you had a lot of plans.”

They have a really cute web site at http://www.sweetleaftea.com/ that shares the journey from using pillowcases and garden hoses to now having a plant in Mission, Texas. Even on the label they print “When we first started, we brewed our tea in pillowcases and filled the bottles by hand. We’ve grown since then, but our passion for making great tasting iced tea hasn’t changed a bit.”

Something else I found out that really pumps me up is how much this company gives back to the community. Sweet Leaf tea is co-hosting a national “Drink Pink” promotion in Kroger, Ralph’s and Central Market. Thousands of Sweet Leaf bottles will don pink caps during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, then 5% of the sales from the promotion will be donated to various breast cancer awareness organizations. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so I urge you to drink pink this October.

This sounds like a promo, but Sweet Leaf Tea doesn’t even know I exist, I’m just an Austinite sharing an awesome Tea. If you can find this in your neck of the woods, try the new Pomegranate Green Tea. I once read a blog that talked about Pomegranate flavored vodka mixed with tea. I asked my friend Jenna who works with Tito’s vodka if she’s ever heard of this.

Her reply…”drink Tito’s with Sweet Leaf Pomegranate Green Tea!” Great suggestion Jenna, I will sip and report my findings soon.

Until then, stay hydrated and drink Sweet Leaf!

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