Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our upcoming weekend trip

Guess where Jim and I will be Thursday night...

San Francisco baby! We are so excited about this trip. We will be staying at a sweet hotel Thursday and then spending a half day in San Francisco. We will be in the Union Square area so if you have suggestions on where to get a late dinner Thursday, breakfast Friday and/or any other must see sites, please leave a comment. We've both been so busy I don't feel like I have properly planned this trip out. Compared to the usual FOLDER of RESEARCH I usually would have done an any particular destination.

Around 1 or 2 PM we are picking up the rental car and heading NORTH!

Wine Country here we come! We will meet up with friends and spend two full days touring and tasting wine in Napa Valley and Sonoma.

I have such respect for the grape, what a fun hobby! There is just no way to know everything about wine, there is too much information and it is ever changing. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion too so just because I don't care for a particular wine doesn't mean it isn't good - it's just not my taste. How cool? Everyone is right!

I need your help. Which way should I go? We are staying IN NAPA, but spending one entire day exploring Sonoma. Do you have a favorite winery you could suggest we add to our list?

Although we have a handful of appointments already set, I could really use your suggestions. Any cult wine? Hidden jewels? Maybe a suggestion for a wedding site? Jim and I are in the market.

This was from last September - oh, it makes me so excited to look at this. California's wine country is simply one of my favorite places to vacation! I love it!

This is the kind of wedding ceremony view I'm looking for! This was taken at Waugh's future tasting room. Beautiful view. Can't wait to return!!


  1. I'm so jealous! And homesick for CA! My hubby and I went wine tasting with some friends once, it was a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed the muscat wine from the Mondavi winery, but I can't remember exactly where that was or if it's along your planned route.

    I know what you mean about palates being totally different and no one is "right". I like the "candy" wines and white wines. I really don't like the reds much, if they're dry at all I won't like them.

    I love Moscato D'Asti! Beviamo is my favorite - Highly drinkable, mildly bubbly but not forced like other champagnes... It would make a perfect toasting drink for a wedding, in my opinion.

  2. Hi Mandy. I follow your blog, but have never posted a comment here before. I am in the Sacramento Area, so I am in S.F. often. Whenever possible I go to a quaint restaurant called Nick's in Pacifica (south of S.F. off the Rockaway Beach exit on HWY 1). It's nothing fancy but they have THE BEST crab and tomato sandwich. You will not be disappointed if you make this 30 minute drive there just for this sandwich. It's amazing. Whenever my husband and I are going anywhere near Pacifica, we make a detour to Nick's just to get one of these yummy sandwiches!!! Oh, and the restaurant is right on the ocean, so the view is great too.

  3. Oh I wish I had read this sooner. I am in Napa a few times a year to visit my sister who lives there. Okay, Taylors Refresher in Napa and I think St. Helena or Calistoga has amazing burgers, garlic fries, and sweet potato fries. ABC Alexis Baking Company in downtown Napa is great for breakfast and lunch and my very favorite iced lemon cookies. In Rutherford, the Rutherford Grill is really good. Sort of like an excellent Claim Jumper but much much better. Oakville Market is a little store popular with picnic'ers and me of course. Nothing is cheap, but these are my go to's when I am there. Enjoy your trip.


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