Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nursery Tour - Under Construction

Although the nursery isn't complete yet (and these days I wonder if it will EVER be done) I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what I've been working on. It all started with these three fabrics. It actually started with about 12 swatches of fabric and after a lot of deliberation and input from my sewing friends, I decided on the three main fabrics above. I was drawn to the soft sherbet orange and the shades of baby pink and bold fuchsia.

With my color pallet chosen, I started designing the bedding and found a seamstress in the area to create the custom dust ruffle and bumper. I'm not sure about the boa, I admit it just may be over the top. I love the ruffles, it's so feminine and I find the pattern modern not baby-ish.

What I have left to do on the bedding is to attach the ties all the way around the bumper. I don't think the ties that my seamstress made are BIG enough for the voluptuous bows I had in mind, so I may be remaking those.
 My favorite detail is the ruffle at the top of the bumper.

Above the changing table I planned a "gallery wall" but as you can see it's still a work in progress. I have another shelf that Jim will install today. There are also at least 6 more framed pieces, some complete, some a craft project waiting for me that I need to complete and hang on this wall to fill it up completely. My favorite piece is hands down the custom button "H" that my friends and family made for me at the shower.

I have purchased two original watercolor & acrylic paintings by Katie Daisy on ETSY that I am just gaga over. Both need to be framed and hung on this wall. I can't wait to get everything up.

And then there is this blank wall just begging for something fabulous! Have you seen the trend on pinterest with the yarn wrapped letters?  Raechel Myers has a great tutorial on how to do this. I find them so charming, and plan to add Harper's name above the crib in this way.

I found the lightweight cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby for $2 a piece.

The yarn was purchased from Joann Fabric. I don't yet know how the color variation is going to play out on the letters, but I liked the sherbet, cream and pink so I decided to just go with it.

The glider was a gift from Harper's Nana. It may be my favorite thing in the room...and I know I've said that about 100 other things too. I love how contemporary and practical the Myles Glider from Dwell Studio is in the stone colored micro suede. We will be spending a lot of time in that chair, so it was important to get something durable, comfortable and of course stylish!

Poor Cole is just so curious about everything in the nursery. He would give his left nut (if he still had them) to play with the stuffed bunny in a tutu that sits on the glider.

It's not completely organized, but we are getting there. I have white curtains purchased, but I'd like to sew ruffles on them first, with the same fabric I used on the bedding. We also need a curtain rod...that would be helpful here too.

On this small wall behind the glider I hung what will most likely be Harper's homecoming outfit along with two toys that belonged to each of her parents.

Isn't this picture of baby Jim adorable with him playing with the wooden ice cream truck? 

The vintage dolls hanging in the background belonged to me and my brother when we were babies.

And poor Harper has absolutely nothing to wear! J/K I'm still working on the organization of it all, but I think we have the basics covered pretty well.

Another project in the works is to take these door hangings, cover them with the scrapbook paper and use them to label clothes by size on the clothing rod. It shouldn't take me but a couple of hours to complete.
If you google DIY closet size organizers you will find a whole slew of blog posts about different ways to do this.

Have I mentioned how I'm a sucker for socks, leggings, diaper covers, tutus, bows and flowers? I can't get enough of all things girly. Harper's Daddy has no idea what he is in for. My friend Nesi gifted me with those tights shown above on left that look like pink cowgirl boots. I seriously died. So cute! Nana gave us the monogrammed britches.

Here is a close up of the wreath I made for the baby shower, it hangs on the nursery door.

I felt it was important to give Madeline and Cole their own space in the nursery too. I put this soft cream dog bed next to the glider. Neither dog is in love with it, but we are learning.

So that is where we are now. Lots left to do but we are on our way to having everything ready for baby girl to make her arrival. Only two and a half weeks left until our estimated due date. Maternity photos are tomorrow and I will post those when I get proofs.


  1. My, I don't know what the Begley's will do with a girly girl in the family. All of your preparations are adorable and top notch. She is one blessed child destined for a wonderful home with loving parents...and lots of pink ruffles! God bless you, Mandy. You are the best.

  2. Ohhhhh, its precious! I love the Boa...

  3. I'm actually happy I was able to see the nursery and baby Harper in all their glory before coming here and seeing your post. I love it all and I love all the special touches you added to make Harper's space very special. She is beautiful and I just can't tell you enough how excited and happy I am for you.
    Much love!

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