Friday, August 23, 2013


I’m a Zombie.

Have you seen the new zombie Sprint commercial? A zombie stands in front of a friendly red haired Sprint rep, screeching. The Sprint saleswoman greets him with a smile “Can I help you?” The zombie coughs and immediately starts talking like a normal human being “Excuse me, hi. Uh, I wanted to find out about the unlimited for life guarantee.” The Sprint employee replies “Sure, Sprint is guaranteeing unlimited talk, text, and data for life.”

The zombie seems pleased but has more questions “Cool, cool cool cool cool, and uh what if say technically you were not alive. Like, maybe you were, undead?” The Sprint saleswoman replies “Like a zombie.” The zombie somewhat offended, or at least pretending to be, suggests “Woooooaaahhhh, let’s not go putting labels on people.” Immediately after the zombie stops talking, his ear falls off of his head and lands on the floor. After a second the zombie confesses “… I’m a zombie.”

Watch commercial here:

I die. Every time I see this commercial, I can’t help but laugh.

In honor of the commercial that makes me hit PLAY on my DRV, I’m naming my Fantasy Football Team, “I’m a Zombie.”

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