Thursday, January 10, 2013

Harper: One Month

Harper, I can't believe you are one month old. On one hand it feels like I was just telling Jim that we were pregnant. On the other hand, it feels like you have been a part of this family forever.

Week one was a tough one for this mommy. I had all these plans and ideas in place and quickly realized that you can't plan unpredictable. I didn't want to give you a pacifier until breastfeeding was well established. Your Nana gave you one after being left alone with you for only five minutes. There went that plan. Nana stayed over on nights one and three with us. She slept on an air mattress in your nursery and comforted you when you cried, and brought you to me when you were hungry. I'm so thankful for those hours I got to rest during week one, knowing you were taken care of allowed me to sleep soundly.

I do love seeing you with your Gigi and Nana. They love you so much! Grandpa Heyse and Grandpa Begley are pretty cute with you too. Your dad and I gave you your first bath on day three. You weren't too thrilled and we were so nervous that it wasn't a good experience for any of us. We do have video of it though. I'm sure one day we will watch it and laugh.

Your Dad looks like a natural with you. I've seen him become so intuitive of your needs over the last four weeks. At first he would just say "Hey Harper" when you cried, but he has learned that you like to hear his voice and now talks to you while you stare up at him. Like our wedding song, "I thought I loved you then," my heart swells to see your Daddy hold you, change your diaper, cuddle you. You love being snuggled tightly and bury your head against his body when he holds you close.

Day four was miserable for us because my milk had not come in and your doctor wanted me give you a supplement. It wouldn't have been the end of the world, but I was very upset that I couldn't provide you what you needed. God's timing was perfect and my milk let down at the last hour.  Turns out, you are a good feeder and there wasn't anything to worry about. By the end of week one, you had gained the 9 ounces you lost after birth.

On day seven we received some fun news from Aunt Lerin and Uncle Jonathan. You are getting a second cousin and it's another boy! How lucky you are to have Ben as an older cousin and his younger brother just six months younger than you. We cannot wait to all get together in 2013!

Week two was busy, but you started sleeping 3-4 hours at a time during the night. Woo Hoo! On day 8 your umbilical cord stump fell off. I didn't know where it went and your dad was convinced one of the dogs surely ate it. I found it when I was sorting your laundry. We had several visitors during the day and it was nice to reconnect with friends during the week. Dinners were provided by Shelley, Paulina, Kathy, Debbie, Ifeoma, Leslie, Julie, Michele, Sarah, Dana and the Bush's during these four weeks. What a blessing those meals were!

I attempted to give you a bath again, and it went much better this time around. You seemed like you actually enjoyed being naked and in the warm water. I like giving you baths, so I'm relieved you tolerate them better than that first one.

We also had Tricia Dunlap come over on day 12 to take some newborn photos of you. We put a space heater in the nursery and stripped you down. Although you were very fussy the night before, you surprised me and was so well behaved during the photo shoot. With the heater turned up and an added space heater in the room, Tricia and I sweat through our clothes, but you were perfectly happy (most of the time) to be changed and posed in all sorts of positions.

I chose my favorite after clicking through Tricia's camera and we had prints rushed for Christmas to give to your grandparents.  I think you look like a cherub.

By the end of the second week I was in a lot of pain from breastfeeding and had a lactation consultant come to the house to correct us on your shallow latch. It was money well spent because our feedings are more enjoyable now. We had a follow up visit at the pediatrician and you are above your birth weight! This means that I don't have to wake you to feed anymore. It also means that we are on whatever schedule you want to be on. I'm really looking forward to you getting a little older so we can actually get on a schedule though.

Week three began with a trip to Houston for Christmas. Your dad and I definitely over packed for the road trip, but we didn't want you to be without anything. I rode in the back seat with you for the three hour trip to make sure you would stay happy. Turns out, you really like car rides and slept the entire way.

Introducing you to your great grandmother was the highlight of the trip for me. The pictures of our four generations of women will be a very special keepsake. Having my grandmother hold you and kiss you the way she did my mom and the way she did me was a magical moment. You come from a line of strong women. Your great grandmother is truly amazing. Her love for her family and obedience to God is one that I admire and seek to imitate.

The ride back to Austin went fairly well. I rode in the front seat so your dad didn't feel so much like a chauffeur. You woke up when we were 30 minutes from the house and your fit or rage struck panic in both of us. We almost pulled over, but your monkey pacifier saved the day as long as I turned around in my seat and held it in your mouth.

Your Tia Bernadette got sick and so she and Uncle Jeremy couldn't come over for Christmas dinner. We will have to reschedule with them once everyone is well again. Gigi came over on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents. We are very lucky to have family live so close! After having our first family Christmas the morning of the 25th, we spent Christmas day at Nana and Grandpa Heyse's home in Leander. Your Aunt Tiffany and Nana both held you most of the night until around 6:30 PM when you only wanted your mom. You and I ended up crawling in Nana's bed and sleeping from 7 to 10 PM.

On day 14, you and I successfully met friends for lunch. I was so nervous that things wouldn't go well, but you slept peacefully in your car seat while I visited with Paulina and Shelley at Blue Dahlia. It was great that you and I accomplished this together it gave me so much confidence!

Week four is when the lack of sleep started catching up with me. The unpredictable nature of sleeping and eating is frustrating for this mom who thrives on schedules. I'm happy to report you are visibly growing. Your tummy seems to be rounder and you are definitely growing longer.

You have already outgrown this adorable yellow flower footie pajamas. I attempted to cut your fingernails this week. They are sharp like little razors and needed a trim, but when you screamed bloody murder it made my heart sink that I may have hurt you. We finished the job, but it wasn't without tears. I won't say which one of us was crying by the end.

We've had our share of funny moments! On day 20 your dad and I could not get you out of your cute outfit. It was so tight your arms would not come out of the sleeves and we wondered how we got it on you in the first place. We did the only reasonable thing we could think of and cut it off of you. Other memorable funny stories include the time I heard your dad say "Oh Good Lord" when he was changing your diaper. We both wonder how something so little can make such a big mess. I'm pretty sure I wiped poop off the wall behind your changing table. It got there no doubt from your foot, which you tend to pull up and get messy while we try to wipe you down during a diaper change. You are a squirmy thing!

This is the week we also put the new baby monitor in place that we received from Nana and Grandpa Heyse for Christmas. You slept in your crib for two nights in a row. It wasn't without nighttime feedings, but we both think it was successful. Night three in your nursery was not as successful. You did not want to sleep anywhere but in mom's arms. Even though we have easy nights and have difficult nights, you continue to bring a lot of joy to our home. We laugh at your funny faces and try to guess what you are thinking when you make facial expressions.

To sum up our first month with you...

Lots of questions, lots of guessing, snuggles, laughter, tears, successes, MANY diapers, not so much sleep but lots and lots of overflowing love.

You are the best thing I have ever done.

All my love,


  1. She's beautiful. Love reading your journey in the first month of motherhood! They sure do grow up fast, it's hard to imagine my two kiddos being that little!


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