Friday, July 1, 2011

Five for Friday

I’m going to start something new on this blog, called Five for Friday. When I went to Atlanta in May to meet other food bloggers I heard about this adorable weekly post that my new friend Jess writes each week for her husband. Sometimes her list doesn’t make sense to me, but they contain precious secretes that she and her husband shares. I know he reads them and it must means something special to him. She’s not the only one, you can see Five for Friday here and here

I had a funny internal discussion with myself about starting this weekly post. It went something like this: I’m the kind of person who starts projects with great intentions but seldom finishes them. I recognize this is a problem. I’ve called myself a “food blogger” and I wonder if I must devote this blog to only food related posts. Hey, this is MY blog…isn’t it? It’s called Home with Mandy because I can make it whatever I want. Who will want to read five reasons why I love my husband? Wait, it’s not for anyone else but Jim. Especially since we are embarking on this new adventure where he may be gone two weeks out of every month we will have many Friday’s apart, this would be a good way to communicate with him in a new way to let him know how loved and missed he is.

So I’m doing it. I’m going to do this every Friday until I don’t. How is that for CYA? Today is actually a great day to start this project. Jim has been gone for three weeks training for a new job in California. I miss him terribly. Here are five things that I love about my husband.

  1. You prayed on the phone with me when you heard I was scared.
  2. We have our “plating up” ritual every night.
  3. You love our pups as much as I do.
  4. When you crack up so hard watching TV with me and we have to pause and rewind to watch something again.
  5. I love how just one look from you calms my world and makes it better.


p.s. See you at 1:35 PM today!


  1. :) This made me cry, especially your number 1, because I love it when people get it. This is your blog and I love that you're writing them for your husband. I started out thinking I would only keep it up for a few weeks, but here I am a year and a half later still writing them!

    haha and the things that other people don't understand are the best. I love sharing little inside jokes with my husband whether he's sitting next to me, across the country, or across the ocean!

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