Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noble Pig

The Noble Pig isn't just a fantastic sandwich filled high with spicy ham, pulled pork, melted provolone cheese and thick cut bacon on toasted white or wheat bread...

The Noble Pig is a sandwich shop in Northwest Austin which also serves what looks like a very yummy breakfast. My co-workers and I heard through the grapevine about this fantastic "pork place" and were trying for weeks to schedule a time to all go for lunch.

Located in a small strip center in Northwest Austin on 620 North, it's easy to pass up if you are not familiar with this side of town.

It's a small place, quaint and very friendly.

My friend ordered the Thai Chicken sandwich with Jalapeno-Cabbage Slaw and Cilantro. Each sandwich comes with waffle chips and a homemade pickled vegetable medley.

I ordered the sandwich names after the shop, or maybe the shop was names after the sandwich... it's a chicken and the egg type question. Regardless of how this sandwich came to be named, let me tell you how great this sandwich was. I'm glad the bread was simple, just toasted wheat slices. It is what they put between these two simple bread slices that is so mind blowing.
Visit this sandwich shop if you are in NW Austin. You will NOT be disappointed.
In addition to homemade breads...

They have homemade sweet treats.

Next time you are on 620 near El Salido Parkway, you should stop in and try their food. You will thank me!

11815 620 N.
Suite 4
Austin, Texas 78750

FRI–SUN: 6 AM – 5 PM

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