Saturday, April 9, 2011

House Pizzeria

After hearing some buzz about House Pizzeria, Jim and I decided to check it out for lunch one day. The building that is House Pizzeria doesn't look like much. In fact, the building was once a KFC drive through located in the 'hood of Airport Blvd. Local Austinites should know better than to let the exterior lead you astray, some of the most creative chefs in this town of ours is cooking in odd locations including trailers.

The inside is new and modern with various colors and textures that bring you in and make you feel comfortable. There is a very small bar area, maybe four bar stools total serving a good number of local brews plus Maine Root Draft Root Beer. They carry all the Austin standards: 512, Live Oak, Real Ale and some every changing surprises.

Since we were there for lunch during the work week, Jim and I didn't sample anything from their beer selection...but it was noted and we will definitely go back "after hours" so we can enjoy a cold beer with our pizza. Mmmm cold beer and pizza!

I loved their creative daily specials. If it were just me I would have ordered the Cauliflower and Ricotta Pizza. It has roasted cauliflower, ricotta cheese, cracked green olives, black pepper and capers. Jim and I did agree on an appetizer of Focaccia with Romesco dipping sauce made with roasted red peppers, walnuts, bread crumbs and olive oil.

After we ordered and grabbed a booth, we promptly received a frosty glass bottle with a flip-top stopper filled with water and the most creative homemade breadsticks I've ever eaten.

These cracker like snacks were so good, they were made with fennel and cracked black pepper.

And what is it about little glasses that just gets me? I find them so incredibly charming.
The Romesco and Focaccia quickly arrived and completely hit the spot. We hadn't quite finished off this appetizer and our pizza arrived, but we certainly got a to-go container for three slices of bread and the other half of the romesco that was left over.

Our wait wasn't very long at all for a 12-inch homemade pizza from their traditional pizza oven. We ordered their Margherita Extra made with a sweet tomato sauce and topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil for only $11.

While in Italy on our honeymoon, Jim and I fell in love with this style of pizza pie. It starts with real cheese, fresh produce, and a sauce made from scratch. The absolute best part is the thin and crisp crust with just a little bit of chew to it. It got us talking about our vacation last year and how much fun we had in Rome and Florence.  

Not only is the food a home run, but I love what I've read about Scott Talkington, the Co-owner and cook at House Pizzeria. In this eco-friendly establishment, they even feed their kitchen scraps to the pigs at local
Green Gate Farms. It's these kinds of choices that makes me believe whole heartedly in this neighborhood pizzeria.

To find your perfect slice at House Pizzaria, find them on the corner of 52nd and Airport Blvd. On my next visit I may try and convince Jim to try the Blue pizza which simply makes my mouth water: Fresh mozzarella, Stilton cheese and a sweet and savory port reduction. That's enought to make me sing "Mama Mia!!!!"

House Pizzaria
5111 Airport Blvd

Austin, TX 78751
(512) 600-4999


  1. It all sounds delicious! I wish I lived in Austin so I could get some of that cauliflower pizza, too!

  2. stop the bus--cauliflower on pizza? weird! but i like it! and come on, mandy--haven't you heard the phrase 'it's 5 o'clock somewhere'? :):)

  3. We love and miss House! Their potato, rosemary, and goat cheese pizza is really good, too. I'm so happy to see them getting love!


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