Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super Special Spicy Pickles

This is real time reporting, ya'll. Here are pictures of the prep work for some Super Special Spicy Pickles. They "cook" for four days so my next post will be photos of the finished product. I first had a taste of these pickles back in 2007 when my husband's friend Mike gave him a jar of this homemade treat.

Jim told me I had to try one of these pickles and I was amazed at how awesome they were. They are sweet and spicy and very addictive. Mike's mom would regularly make a large batch and then Mike would hand them out to his friends. I sent Mike an e-mail in 2007 to request the recipe and his mom was so gracious to share it with me. As awesome as these pickles are, I can't believe it has actually taken me three years to get around to making them.

The recipe is super easy! You need one 4 pound bag of sugar, one 2 ounce bottle of tobasco sauce, one head of garlic and one gallon of sliced pickles.

The first thing you need to do is drain the jar of sliced pickles. I set a colander in the sink and dumped the jar of pickles in. Let this sit for at least an hour to drain.

Next, thinly slice an entire head of garlic.

To assemble, add a handful of pickles back to the jar and top with some garlic.

Top with sugar.
 Covering the previous layer completely.

Then top the sugar with some tobasco sauce.

 Keep layering: pickles, garlic, sugar, tobasco...

 Repeat until all the ingredients are gone.

Place the jar upside down in the fridge (on top of a plate in case there are any leaks.) Each day turn the jar until all the ingredients are mixed and the sugar is dissolved. Jim and I made this on Saturday, so this will be ready in four days....Part two is posted, see the finished product here.


  1. These sound like something my hubby would LOVE! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  2. OH I just HAVE to make these!!! yum yum yum- it's like an easy version of homemade pickles- which I have always wanted to try and make- can't wait!

  3. First off, where in TX are you? I know that bag of sugar! ;)

    Second, I'm going to HAVE to make these. Maybe I can get these done before we leave for the holidays.

  4. Tara, it's HEB brand sugar! It's super fast to put together (especially if you aren't pausing to take pictures of each step.)


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