Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hungarian Pot Roast (revisited)

I've been asked, "Why did you start a food blog?" This is my answer! I made this Hungarian Pot Roast sometime last year - read the post here - and I made it again last week with the suggested improvements. It was AWESOME!

Read my post on Hungarian Pot Roast for the FULL description. Here I'm just going to post how I changed the original recipe. When the onions were sauteing, I added more hot paprika than the original recipe calls for. (Because in the end, the sour cream added to the sauce really cools it off.) In addition to the tomatoes and onions, I added about one cup of baby carrots to the crock pot. When I removed the cooked meat from the slow cooker, I put all the juice and vegetables in my dutch oven and set the meat aside, did not shred or cut into slices.

I served the pot roast and sauce over pasta shells...Jim's favorite.

Topped with chunks of roast.

Then spooned the sauce over the top. The carrots made this a better pot roast in my opinion.

I also like that I kept the sauce/vegetables and the pot roast separate this time, instead of adding everything back to the crock pot or back to the dutch oven. I really let this boil down until reduced by half before I added the sour cream. Also, note that I added an extra 1/2 cup of sour cream this time because I had some in the fridge that was just a few days until I had to throw it out, so I used it as opposed to losing it. And instead of adding the sour cream directly to the pot of boiling liquid, I added about a cup of hot boiling liquid to sour cream, stirred until smooth and then added to the large pot. This prevented lumpy sour cream in the sauce. It's like tempering an egg.

Like I said in the original post, this is a perfect set-it and forget-it recipe. Loads of flavor! Big hit at my house!! My next post will show you what I did with the leftovers.

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