Saturday, March 7, 2009

Awards to Pass Along

Wow, I feel really luck to have been given these blog awards. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, the comments you leave me and the e-mails I receive are so encouraging. Special thanks to Jenna and Kelley for mentioning me on their web pages, and when you get a chance please visit their blogs- both continue to post really interesting stories and recipes.

The fun part is passing these awards along to other fabulous blogs I love to read. Check these out if you've never visited them before.

But be sure to return back to Home With Mandy, I have some great recipes lined up to post this week.

Now, here are some funny pictures taken by Annie Ray photography. Jim and I attended two events earlier this month and Annie set up a photo booth at each one. You can tell by what we are wearing that coincidentally it was two events on the same NIGHT and Annie was at both.

Jim is a rock star!

This last one was at a bar opening downtown, you can tell it's later in the night than the first three photos. By the way, if you live in Austin... La Condesa is a waste of your time. The food isn't that great and the service is horrible. The atmosphere however is crazy awesome, kudos to Michael Hsu and Joel Mozer­sky for the design. Joel, I will forever adore you for the brave and entertaining karaoke you used to perform at Club Deville 5-6 years ago. Above this restaurant is a new bar/lounge called Malverde which I thought was really cool. It's small, but in a cozy way with great views of downtown all lit up at night.


  1. Congrats on your well deserved awards!
    Your photos are darling!!!

  2. Its worth mentioning that I ended up dining at La Condesa again the next night (1.5 hr wait @ Lamberts!) and not only did we have a fantastic waiter but chile relleno I had was awesome. We should know better than to expect the best on opening night/week!

  3. Awww, thank you for the award! Your pictures are so fun, especially the last one with the guitar! :)


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