Friday, December 5, 2008

T-Bone Steak

Can you even believe this honker piece of meat?

It is as big as my HAND!? Jim and I were at Whole Foods in downtown Austin one afternoon and decided to choose something special for dinner. This T-Bone steak is what Jim chose from the butcher. I chose a small 6 oz filet. This turned out to be a really lovely and easy dinner for the two of us.

I love this stuff. I sprinkled both the T-Bone and my filet with Saltgrass 7 Steak Spice about two hours before I cooked them. AND, I left them out (covered) on the kitchen counter so they can come to room temperature.

And here is my sweet potato, all ugly and funky looking. I first ran this under water and scrubbed it really good.

Then I simply poked it a few times with a knife and wrapped in foil.

It looks like candy, doesn't it? This goes into a 350 oven for about 45 minutes, or until it is done. Cook like you would a baked potato.

You can test it by poking with a fork or knive, you want it soft all the way through.

This picture makes me laugh because Jim's T-bone and my filet barely fit in this 8x8 baking dish.

Like I said, this sat on my counter until it was room temperature.

Now is the time Jim and I picked our bottle of wine for the night. Turnbull will always be special to me because the winemaker, John, was the first Napa wine maker to take me on a personal tour of his vineyards and the back of the house where wine sits in barrels. It was a fascinating tour and my trip to Turnbull will always stick out in my head.

Here my sweet potato is done. Easily pierced by a knife.

Now that the potato is done, the rest of the meal happens fast. I first melt a tablespoon of butter in my oven proof saute pan.

In goes the T-Bone... I feel like grunting at this point, or making some sort of manly noise. This cooks for only 2 minutes.

Then I flip for one minute.

Then it goes into my hot 450 oven to finish off - about 6-8 minutes.

My little petite piece of meat.

Here is my meal. Half a sweet potato with a pat of butter and a perfectly seared and cooked filet.

Here is the big daddy piece of meat!

This is our fancy schmancy dining table. Jim's T-Bone is all that would fit on his plate. I had to put his potato on it's on plate.


  1. Welcome back! I've been missing your wonderful meals. And what a delicious looking return too. I'm horrible at cooking steaks and finally I feel as if it's possible to place a decent one on my table. I can't wait to cook this for my hubby and daughter.

  2. Deep in the Heart of Texas here!

    Love it Mandy!

  3. Mandy, you kill me...were we seperated at birth or probably just GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE. I made steaks a few days ago and was going to post it today! But I got super busy and am going to post it tomorrow or Sunday. I logged in just now and saw your post! Love it!

  4. are making me crave some steak! I haven't had it in forever...I never crave steak. If I showed this to my husband he would go nuts! Maybe I'll treat him to a dinner like this next week! Yum!

  5. Mandy-your steaks are mouth watering! It's been too long since I fixed steak, just may have to ship the kids to "Granny's" so hubby and I can enjoy a meal like this one.

  6. I love the way you cook your steak-with butter and beautifully RARE. I don't get well done, even though that's how my husband likes his meat.


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