Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello Out There!

I could really use some of this right now, you?

Hey everyone! I’ve been a busy bee these last couple of weeks. November almost wiped me out with a lot of traveling, but I did a pretty good job of posting everyday and meeting the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) requirements. I fell short at the very end of November though. My work load as a meeting planner has really been kicked up a notch for me this December. I’ve had some really big meetings and lots of invoice reconciling to do on top of it all. Jim is in his last week of school and has finals this week so he has been busy with study groups, tutoring, and work in the evenings. We seem to merely pass each other in the driveway.

I’m also in major study mode as I prepare to take my CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) test in January. This Friday I will be attending a full study day at the University to help me prepare. I’ve failed two practice test – but only by a few points so I’m holding on to the hope that more studying will improve my score. It’s a hard test ya’ll! I’ve managed to keep my sanity through all of this by spending some time in the kitchen when I can – I swear it’s cheaper than therapy and makes me feel so good. My freezer is full and there is hardly any room left in the refrigerator.

Lately I’ve been making odd dishes, I guess you could call it my tour around the world: Hungarian Pot Roast, Irish Shepherd’s Pie, French Onion Soup, Mexican Chipotle Meatballs. I have all the great pictures to prove it, now I just need to find time to sit down and post! I need you to hang on a little longer as I don’t see any down time in the near future for me to post recipes. (My mom making short ribs at Thanksgiving)

This is a really fun time of year too and I’m feeling left out of the holiday cooking because I haven’t read ANY other blog posts and haven’t updated my own. I made homemade eggnog one night because Jim said, “I wish we had eggnog…” I logged on to my laptop and downloaded a recipe. It turned out okay, I still like Borden’s brand better without any alcohol.
(Homemade Eggnogg)

I recently made homemade Bailey’s too because I received some from a vendor last year and loved it so much I thought I could replicate it. It too was just okay, but I made some adjustments to make it drinkable. I mean the first batch I made set me a flame the whisky was so freakin strong. I promise to share these great trials and tribulations along with the hits (Roast Beef Party Sandwiches) and misses (No Kneed Dinner Rolls) with you.

(Roast Beef Party Sandwiches)

Miss you guys! Really, I do. It’s after 8 PM and I’m at the office still – blame it on the idiots at…oh, how badly I want to call out some hotels…but I won’t. I’m just about to go home, but thought I should at least check in and let you know I’m hanging on by a string juggling work, home, school and social life. Jim and I are hosting our annual (2nd annual) Holiday Cocktail Party this weekend. I’m sure I will have many fun recipes and funny stories to share next week.

For now, let me leave you with a hilarious commercial that was sent to me by my co-worker Deb. Oh, you are going to laugh and then send it to every man (and woman) on your e-mail list. It’s called The Dog House.
I hope the Dog House link still works!


  1. Even though you're on a mini-blogging break, it sounds like you've certainly been eating (and drinking!) well. It seems like you needed a break after NaBloPoMo - I know I would have.

  2. Well, I can tell from this post you're far too busy, but I tagged you on my blog. Play if you have time :)

  3. You definitely sound busy but we're all anxiously waiting to see what Mandy makes next. I can't wait to see the Onion Soup..mmmmm

  4. Those little sandwiches look great! This busy month is wiping me out!

  5. I know I'm a busy bee these days too... so totally forgiven!


  6. Hang in there! I'll say an extra prayer for you guys ~ for Jim's finals and your exam. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next but completely understand you're taking a little break. We all need our rest and it sounds like you're long over due some. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

  7. Hey Mandy! Hope things calm down a little...sounds like a great time for your cocktail party, though! ;)

  8. That commercial was too funny!! Just finished making some chicken enchilada dip for a work party tomorrow- that stuff is so yummy! Can't wait to see what else you have to come up with!


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