Saturday, February 16, 2013

Harper: Two Months

You have made huge strides in your second month of life and will lock eyes and follow us as we move across the room. It may seem little, but this is a milestone for you! The best part is that you are grinning at us and I can't even put into words how that makes my heart sing. Your first social smile was on January 14, 2013. I grab your big toes and count down from 5 as I wiggle each one and then squeal when I get to your tiny pinky toes. You think it's hilarious. When I make a motor boat sound with my mouth you have this look on your face like, "What? Where is that sound coming from?" It makes me laugh every time, and I can't help but do it at least once a day.

Your Dad puffs out his cheeks and makes big eyes at you which also makes you smile. I absolutely love watching you with your Daddy!

There have been a couple of times where you have stayed home for Daddy-Daughter time and I've left to run an errand or visit friends. You've kind of been a stinker for him. Once, he couldn't calm you down even after giving you a big bottle so he strapped you in your carseat and went for a drive. Brilliant! It works every time, you always fall asleep in the car.

We are so impressed with your neck strength and how well you hold your head up and look from side to side. Tummy time hasn't been a problem for you either.

On February 13th during tummy time, you rolled over on to your back! I was home alone with you so I ran and got the video camera to capture your newest achievement on film. I can't wait for you to surprise us with more tricks!

At night, you sleep in your nursery. It has helped Mom and Dad rest better at night and I think you sleep later in the morning now that you aren't bothered by Dad getting up and getting ready for work. You were waking me up once a night to feed, but in your 7th week you started sleeping for 8 hours at night. THANK YOU SWEETHEART! 

You received an activity mat from Uncle Jeremy and Tia Bernadette for Christmas and you absolutely love it. There is a blue octopus that we hang from the center bar over the mat that you will stare at forever. You started reaching up and swatting at the rattles that hang and it keeps you entertained for at least 15-20 minutes. Which is long enough for me to jump into the shower, or empty the dishwasher or do whatever quick task I need to get done around the house.

Being home with you has been SO MUCH FUN. The first month (especially those early weeks) were a tough adjustment, but we are settling into a nice little routine now. You are a nursing pro and I couldn't be happier. Those are some of my favorite moments with you.

The day of her 8 week shots was a tough one for me. She got upset when I dressed her for the day. Maybe she knew what was to come?

Then Harper fell asleep in the car like a little angel on the way to the doctor.

We absolutely love Dr. Keegan. You can see Harper smiling during her exam. 11 lbs at 8 weeks.

I took Nana as my back up and support, but she ended up tearing up too when you cried. I planned on singing "You are my sunshine" to help you through it but I got choked up and all I could muster was "I'm so sorry." All three of us were kind of a mess. Luckily you stopped crying after a minute so although it was tough, it was over quickly. That night you had a low grade fever but after some baby aspirin you were back to your cheerful self.

You are so much fun, we love you very very much!

All my love,

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