Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday

One of my favorite lines in a Matchbox 20 songs says, "It's 3:00 AM I must be lonely." This morning my version would go something like, "It's 3:00 AM it must be 85 degrees in here." Yes, our AC has gone out. I'm laying in a pool of sweat, roll over to see the time and think, oh gaawd, there is something really wrong. Only in Texas can it be nearly 90 degrees in your house in the middle of the night. So, let's just hope an AC Technician can get to me ASAP. I may have to take the dogs to doggie day care today, not sure my little ones can handle triple digit temperatures inside and outside. Maybe I have my own Bikram Yoga session here in the living room this morning?

This week's very HOT (and more in the stifling sweaty way, not the sexy way) FFF include:
  1. You said you love me "even with pimples."
  2. You take my cooking tips over the phone and then text me to let me know how dinner turned out.
  3. Although we are 162 miles apart we still laugh at the "Jake from State Farm" commercial together.
  4. It's Gangster Week on AMC and you recorded all 3 of The Godfathers - and you can't wait to watch them with me. I will try to muster the same kind of enthusiasm this weekend.
  5. You are rocking Mud School and I love you for working so hard! 
P.S. See you in 13 hours!

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  1. Awwww beautiful post. Hehe it's nice to see people loving each other :D


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