Monday, September 20, 2010

Tempura Veggies

This isn't a new recipe on HWM, but I did expand on a previous post from 2008. I first saw the recipe for tempura asparagus in a Rachel Ray magazine. See my original post here with step by step photos.

I thought that the breading was so perfect for the asparagus, what about other veggies?
So I went for it. I made tempura red bell pepper, tempura broccoli, tempura zucchini chips and of course tempura asparagus (the veggie that started it all!)

My favorite were the red bell pepper, which I cut into strips. I would also like to try the bell pepper cut into rings, I think that would be a great contrast to all the other "sticks" on the plate. Onion would be great in rings too! I cut the zucchini into chips, and those were SO tasty! I whipped up the dipping sauce from the original recipe made with yogurt, honey and dijon...but I think a homemade ranch would be excellent here. Maybe Chipotle Ranch or Creamy Jalapeno Ranch recipe?!?! Both are excellent choices. In the South we don't shy away from frying...anything. Fried butter anyone? I don't think so. I wouldn't make a habit of frying your veggies, but once in a while you should make an exception.

When you splurge, what is your favorite fried food?


  1. chicken wings! okay, and i have GOT to try the fried beer thats on the state fair menu this year. looks like little ravioli but you know, with brew inside! mmmm!!

  2. I haven't heard of fried beer, but I can totally imagine the fried ravioli!


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