Friday, December 4, 2009

P-Dub Book Signing

December 3, 2009 is the night I met the Pioneer Woman at Book People in Austin, TX. What an experience. She's is such a sweetheart and well worth the wait in line! Here is my wristband and my new Pioneer Woman Cookbook.

My co-worker Kate went down early to snag that sweet 6:00 PM wristband for us. And boy am I glad she did.

So many people showed up for the book signing! And for the first lucky 50 people (Kate and I included) we got to meet Ree Drummond at 6:00 PM.

Oh look, here comes her family!

There is Marlboro Man doing the heavy lifting. They delivered trash bags full of PW t-shirts to hand out. You wouldn't believe the squeals that were let out when Marlboro Man was spotted!

Finally! After waiting and waiting we make it to the room where Ree greets guests and signs her new cookbook. Isn't she so cute? I wish this picture showed her boots better, they were adorable and from Anthropology.

There we are. Me and Ree. How exciting it was to meet P-Dub. I had all these great questions cued up in my head and then I get up there and was so taken by here that I had nothing great to say. I asked how long until her face started hurting from smiling so much. She replied that she smiles all the time. I believe it.

There had to have been 200+ people squeezed into this room. Marlboro Man stood at the front and signed his butt in the book. The last page says "The End" and has a picture of a cute cowboy's butt. This was the page the Marlboro Man was signing.

Ree's "intro" was this guy from Book People who got the crowd chanting "Pioneer!" "Woman!"

Ree talked about hitting the road with her family, and how supportive they all are of her. She also announced that her story Black Heels to Tractor Wheels will be published Valentines 2011. We can't wait for that book!

The fam! Mom, sister Betsy, her brother in law, her husband and the kiddos sitting nicely on the stairs supporting mom.

I asked her where she planned on eating in Austin. Ha! Like she would tell me. She did say that she arrived today and was leaving the next morning for Houston, so wouldn't have time to eat out. BUT, if she could she would return to Uchi. Good choice Ree!

Full of grace! Never stopped smiling! It was wonderful meeting Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman!


  1. She's going to be in my neck of the woods tomorrow and I can't wait! I have my cookbook ready (I won it in a giveaway!) and my wristband too.

  2. I'm going tomorrow and I'M so nervous...I'm not sure why. I'd love to say something witty when it's my turn in line, but I think I will just blurt out, "I love you." ;)

    She really should have consulted you for restaurant recommendations!

  3. Saw her today and she was great. Of course, the two questions I wanted to ask just flew right out of my brain when it was my turn to meet her! lol. And, I didn't get nearly the photos that you did.

  4. Uchi is a good choice. What fun you must have had.

  5. Wow! I enjoyed reading your post (I found your like from her site! :) I got to meet her on Tuesday in Nashville. I was a total dork, but whatever. I'm sure she has her dorky moments too. :) She is just lovely and I think the best part is how she is surrounded by those that are loving her and supporting her through all this. Such an awesome adventure she's on! And the books, well, is amazing! :)

  6. That sounds like a great time. I would have loved to have met her. :)


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