Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toffee Apple Dip

I attended a girls get-together at my friend Allyson's home last month. I absolutely LOVED this fruit dip that she made and I insisted she share the recipe with me so I could post about it here.

The recipe for this Toffee Apple Dip came from a sister of a co-worker of mine. Thanks Laura for sharing the secret to this amazingly delicious fruit dip.

In a bowl, mix one 8 oz package of softened cream cheese and 1 cup toffee chips, 3/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup powdered sugar. Yes, it's that easy!

Serve the toffee mixture with fruits for dipping. Laura also suggest dipping the apple slices in pineapple juice first to keep them from browning. Love that tip!

And I love this dip!


  1. By powdered sugar are you speaking of icing sugar, regular sugar or ????

    Let me know. I'm dying to try this out.

  2. You're killing me here, Mandy! THIS would get me to eat more fruit! :)

  3. I think I just felt my hips getting bigger ... but oh well!

  4. Ohh . . . this looks really good! I agree with Bridget - it would definitely inspire me to eat more fruit!

  5. This looks OMG good! YUM I love just about any dip.


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