Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Allyson's Cupcake Pops: A Scary Halloween Tale

Happier times made Allyson think she could make Halloween treats for the TASB bakesale...Little did she know that there was going to be an awful Massacre at Collins Creek.
When there are this many ghosts, there's always trouble...
But even the ghosts met an untimely death.
We're melting!!!
Hey -- why are you still smiling?
The pumpkins were not spared.
Some tried to keep a cheery outlook, but their fate was grim.
One pumpkin was left relatively unscathed.
Why are you still smiling? You're about to become pumpkin pie.
The tragedy even made it to the usually perfect cupcake pops.They melted too.

The massacre also claimed the candy corns. Especially the one in front.
Smily pumpkin could not cheer up the melted candy corn.
Maybe the flowers will come back in the Spring......
We need a party to cheer us up!

Thanks Allyson for sharing your pics. These are the cutest little cupcake pops, great idea, sorry they melted a bit. I'm sure they still tasted great. For full recipe and instructions on making ALL KINDS of cupcake pops, visit Bakerella.


  1. That's too funny! Even though they're melting they still look pretty good.

  2. I know! My friend Allyson is hysterical. And these pops did taste good. Turns out, after their internal temperatures became right, the sweat dissapeared and Allyson re-drew thier faces. A couple of them showed up on my desk at work and they tasted great!

  3. These are adorable! I am loving the ghosts and the candy corn. Those would not last long with my kids...too yummy!


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